Although I have been very busy working, and still not really playing any mmos consistently, I have been playing several other games! Here are some screenshots of me starting Warframe with my friend. I am not a huge fan of third person shooters in general but at least I get to melee and love the parkour styled movement.

I need a better screenshot of my friend’s character who you can see in the first screenshot spamming his pink lasers at the glass. He looks cool as heck.


Portals, I love portals. I love the idea of “Stargates”, doors and gates that function like bridges in between different worlds.
In our game the worlds are connected through portals. This is the sketches for the portals in the desert lands of the Goblin-clans.
Hope you like them.

Very cool!


Ok, so.. we had a little Christmas break : ) 
Actually not. We have been working soooo hard on our game. Basically Day and night. Not being able to blog or be online.. due to that we actually have been creating, re-creating, re-consider, re-drawn, re-thought, re-spawned and all things “Re”!

Soo.. this is the “Water City”.. it will be a essential part of the world that now grows in our studio, in our heads, in our heart and soul. 
Enjoy! Life is great! Creating stuff for you to enjoy is even better : )